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Aqua­chloridobis(diphenyl­glyoximato-κ2 N,N′)cobalt(III) dihydrate

By Parthasarathy Meera, Madhavan Amutha Selvi and Arunachalam Dayalan


The asymmetric unit of the title complex, [Co(C14H11N2O2)2Cl(H2O)]·2H2O or [Co(dpgH)2Cl(H2O)]·2H2O, where dpgH− is diphenyl glyoximate, consists of one-half of a [Co(dpgH)2Cl(H2O)] complex and one solvent water mol­ecule. The complex is completed through inversion symmetry, with the CoIII atom situated at the centre of symmetry. The coordination geometry around the CoIII atom is distorted octa­hedral with the four N atoms of the two dpgH− ligands forming an approximate square plane with N—Co—N bite angles of 81.13 (14) and 98.87 (14)°. The Cl− ligand and the water mol­ecule are disordered in a 1:1 ratio and are in the axial positions, almost perpendicular to the plane of the glyoximate ligands [O—Co—Cl = 175.3 (10)°]. The two glyoximate ligands are linked by strong intra­molecular O—H⋯O hydrogen bonds. In addition, O—H⋯O inter­actions involving the solvent water mol­ecules and O—H⋯N hydrogen-bonding inter­actions are also observed. The solvent water mol­ecule is disordered over five positions with different occupancies

Topics: Metal-Organic Papers
Publisher: International Union of Crystallography
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