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Resurrection of Dryotomicus Wood and description of two new species from the Amazon River Basin (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Scolytinae, Phloeotribini)

By Anthony I. Cognato and Sarah M. Smith


A cladistic analysis based on 20 morphological characters was conducted for 11 species representing two valid and two synonymized Phloeotribini genera. One hundred-eighty most-parsimonious trees were recovered and the Dryotomicus Wood species were monophyletic in a mostly unresolved strict-consensus tree. The unusual antennal morphology, with the length of the first two funicular segments equal to the last three segments and a scape which is twice the length of the funicle, distinguish Dryotomicus from the other Phloeotribini genera. Hence this genus is resurrected because of monophyly and diagnostic characters. Dryotomicus oenophilis sp. n. and Dryotomicus woodrex sp. n. are described from Guyana and Peru, respectively. In the male specimen of Dryotomicus oenophilis, the frons has one median and two large lateral carinae and in the male specimen of Dryotomicus woodrex, the frons has three smaller median tubercles arranged transversely. Phloeotribus puberulus Chapuis and Phloeotribus tuberculatus (Eggers) were monophyletic with the new Dryotomicus species and thus are transferred to this genus. Keys to the Phloeotribini genera and Dryotomicus species are given

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