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Review of the genus Thubana Walker (Lepidoptera, Lecithoceridae) from China, with description of one new species

By Linlin Yang, Yanmei Zhu and Houhun Li


The genus Thubana Walker is reviewed for China. Nine species are recognized, of which Thubana felinaurita Li, sp. n. is described as new; Thubana dialeukos Park, 2003 and Thubana xanthoteles (Meyrick, 1923) are newly recorded for this country; Thubana stenosis (Park, 2003), syn. n. is synonymised with Thubana xanthoteles, and Thubana microcera (Gozmány, 1978), syn. n. with Thubana leucosphena Meyrick, 1931. Images of adults and genitalia are provided. A checklist of Thubana species in China is included, along with a key to these species

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