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Towards verifying Java realizations of OCL-constrained design models using JML

By Ali Hamie


The Object Constraint Language OCL is a formal textual notation that could be used for placing constraints on the modelling elements that occur in UML diagrams. Constraints include invariants on classes and types, and preconditions and postconditions of operations. OCL was designed to be used in conjunctions with UML diagrams resulting in more precise object-oriented designs. The Java Modelling Language (JML) is a behavioural interface specification language designed for specifying Java classes and interfaces. This paper applies OCL for developing Java realizations of UML design models where JML is used as the assertion language. This is achieved by translating a subset of OCL assertions into JML assertions. In order to verify a Java subsystem with respect to a design subsystem with OCL constraints, an appropriate realization relation is defined and the approach is illustrated by an example

Topics: G000 Computing and Mathematical Sciences
Publisher: MIT Press
Year: 2002
OAI identifier:

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