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trans-Tetra­aqua­bis­(pyridazine-4-car­box­yl­ato-κO)magnesium(II) dihydrate

By Wojciech Starosta and Janusz Leciejewicz


The crystal structure of the title compound, [Mg(C5H3N2O2)2(H2O)4]·2H2O, is composed of centrosymmetric monomers in which an MgII ion is coordinated by two carboxyl­ate O atoms from the two pyridazine-4-carboxylate ligands. The monomers linked by O—H⋯O and O—H⋯N hydrogen bonds into layers which are held together by hydrogen bonds in which solvent water O atoms act as donors and acceptors, resulting in a three-dimensional network

Topics: Metal-Organic Papers
Publisher: International Union of Crystallography
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