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catena-Poly[[[(3,5-dimethyl-1H-pyrazole)­copper(II)]-μ-{N-[1-(2-oxidophen­yl)ethyl­idene]-l-valinato}] methanol monosolvate]

By Gan-Qing Zhao, Xu-Dong Li, Yong-Jun Han, Ling-Wei Xue and Qin-Long Peng


The asymmetric unit of the title compound, {[Cu(C13H15NO3)(C5H8N2)]·CH3OH}n, contains two complex mol­ecules and two solvent mol­ecules. Each CuII ion is in a distorted square-pyramidal coordination with one N and two O atoms from the Schiff base ligand and one N atom from the heterocycle in the basal positions and one carboxyl­ate O atom from a neighbouring ligand in the apical position. The apical Cu—O bonds are much longer than the basal Cu—O and Cu—N bonds. The carboxyl­ate groups of the Schiff base ligands bridge the CuII ions, forming helical chains along [100]. The crystal packing is stabilized by inter­molecular O—H⋯O and N—H⋯O hydrogen bonds

Topics: Metal-Organic Papers
Publisher: International Union of Crystallography
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