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Magnetic Resonance Imaging Brain Size/IQ Relations in Turkish University Students

By Uner Tan, Meliha Tan, Pinar Polat, Yasar Ceylan, Selami Suma and Adnan Okur


The relation of IQ (Cattell's Culture Fair Intelligence Test) to brain size was studied in 103 right- and left-handed men and women at Ataturk University in eastern Turkey. Cerebral areas were measured on a midsagittal section of the brain using MRI. An overall correlation of 40 was found between MRI-measured total area and IQ thereby further supporting the IQ¯brain size hypothesis. Additional analyses suggested that these results may need qualification. In men, only anterior cerebral area correlated with IQ. In women, total and posterior cerebral areas were correlated with IQ. Other results varied by handedness

Topics: Neuropsychology
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Year: 1999
OAI identifier:

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