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Expression and intracellular localization of duck enteritis virus pUL38 protein

By Jun Xiang, Guangpeng Ma, Shunchuan Zhang, Anchun Cheng, Mingshu Wang, Dekang Zhu, Renyong Jia, Qihui Luo, Zhengli Chen and Xiaoyue Chen


Knowledge of the intracellular location of a protein can provide useful insights into its function. Bioinformatic studies have predicted that the DEV pUL38 mainly targets the cytoplasm and nucleus. In this study, we obtained anti-pUL38 polyclonal sera. These antibodies were functional in western blotting and immunofluorescence in DEV-infected duck embryo fibroblasts (DEFs). pUL38 was expressed as a 51-kDa protein from 8 h post-infection onward, initially showing a diffuse distribution throughout the cytoplasm, and later in the nucleus. Furthermore, pUL38 was found in purified virus. These results provide the first evidence of the kinetics of expression and intracellular localization of DEV pUL38

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