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(Di-2-pyridyl sulfide-κ2 N,N′)diiodidozinc(II)

By Mario Wriedt, Inke Jess and Christian Näther


The title compound, [ZnI2(C10H8N2S)], contains a six-membered chelate ring adopting a boat conformation in which the Zn atom is coordinated by two iodide ions and by the two pyridyl N atoms of a single di-2-pyridyl sulfide ligand within a slightly distorted tetra­hedron. The Zn, S and I atoms are located on a crystallographic mirror plane. As usual for this type of complex, the sulfide group does not participate in zinc coordination. The dihedral angle between the two pyridine rings is 60.1 (1)°

Topics: Metal-Organic Papers
Publisher: International Union of Crystallography
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