An unusual presentation of immotile-cilia syndrome with azoospermia: Case report and literature review


Immotile-cilia syndrome is a rare disorder characterized by chronic recurrent sino-pulmonary infection, impaired tracheobronchial clearance, situs inversus in about 50% of cases, and living but immotile spermatozoa of normal morphology in semen analysis. In this report, we describe an unusual presentation of immotile-cilia syndrome with azoospermia in a 32-year-old male patient. The diagnosis was based on history of recurrent respiratory tract infection, bronchiectasis, maxillary sinusitis, hypoplasia of frontal sinuses, dextrocardia with situs inversus, impaired nasal mucociliary clearance, etc. Semen analysis revealed azoospermia without any evidence of obstruction in epididymides or vas deference. Normal spermatogenesis was seen on testicular biopsy

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