On cardinal characteristics of Yorioka ideals


Yorioka [J. Symbolic Logic 67(4):1373-1384, 2002] introduced a class of ideals (parametrized by reals) on the Cantor space to prove that the relation between the size of the continuum and the cofinality of the strong measure zero ideal on the real line cannot be decided in ZFC. We construct a matrix iteration of ccc posets to force that, for many ideals in that class, their associated cardinal invariants (i.e. additivity, covering, uniformity and cofinality) are pairwise different. In addition, we show that, consistently, the additivity and cofinality of Yorioka ideals does not coincide with the additivity and cofinality (respectively) of the ideal of Lebesgue measure zero subsets of the real line.Comment: 35 pages, 3 figures. Submitte

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