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A distributed power-saving framework for LTE Het-Nets exploiting Almost Blank Subframes

By Antonio Virdis, Giovanni Stea, Dario Sabella and Marco Caretti


Almost Blank Subframes (ABS) have been defined in LTE as a means to coordinate transmissions in heterogeneous networks (HetNets), composed of macro and micro eNodeBs: the macro issues ABS periods, and refrains from transmitting during ABSs, thus creating interference-free subframes for the micros. Micros report their capacity demands to the macro via the X2 interface, and the latter provisions the ABS period accordingly. Existing algorithms for ABS provisioning usually share resources proportionally among HetNet nodes in a long-term perspective (e.g., based on traffic forecast). We argue instead that this mechanism can be exploited to save power in the HetNet: in fact, during ABSs, the macro consumes less power, since it only transmits pilot signals. Dually, the micros may inhibit data transmission themselves in some subframes, and optimally decide when to do this based on knowledge of the ABS period. This allows us to define a power saving framework that works in the short term, modifying the ABS pattern at the fastest possible pace, serving the HetNet traffic at reduced power cost. Our framework is designed using only standard signaling. Simulations show that the algorithm consumes less power than its competitors, especially at low loads, and improves the UE QoS

Topics: ING-INF/05 - Sistemi di elaborazione delle informazioni
Publisher: Università di Pisa
Year: 2017
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Provided by: UnipiEprints

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