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Immunolocation of TNF-Alpha/Cachectin in Human Melanoma Cells: Studies on Co-Cultivated Malignant Melanoma

By Claire Lugassy and Jean-Paul Escande


We have investigated the ability of metastatic cells to produce the macrophage cytokine, TNF-alpha/cachectin, as these cells have macrophage-like properties such as infiltration and migration. We looked for TNF-alpha/cachectin in three tumor cell lines derived from human malignant melanomas and six co-cultivated malignant melanomas derived, in vitro, from these three cell lines plus angioma fibroblasts. Immunohistochemistry with an anti-TNF-alpha/cachectin monoclonal antibody showed that TNF-alpha/cachectin was produced by two of the three parent melanoma cell lines.All the tumor cells in both the co-cultivated malignant melanomas and their in vitro tumorous nodules produced TNF alpha/cachectin, even those derived from the melanoma cell line, which originally did not. The results clearly show that TNF-alpha/cachectin can be produced by non-hematopoetic tumor cells. A co-cultivated tumor model prepared from other types of human tumor cell lines promises to provide a useful tool for exploring the relationship between TNF-alpha/cachectin and oncogenesis

Publisher: The Society for Investigative Dermatology, Inc. Published by Elsevier Inc.
Year: 1991
DOI identifier: 10.1111/1523-1747.ep12462141
OAI identifier:

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