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Transanal endoscopic microsurgery versus endoscopic mucosal resection for large rectal adenomas (TREND-study)

By Frank JC van den Broek, Eelco JR de Graaf, Marcel GW Dijkgraaf, Johannes B Reitsma, Jelle Haringsma, Robin Timmer, Bas LAM Weusten, Michael F Gerhards, Esther CJ Consten, Matthijs P Schwartz, Maarten J Boom, Erik J Derksen, A Bart Bijnen, Paul HP Davids, Christiaan Hoff, Hendrik M van Dullemen, G Dimitri N Heine, Klaas van der Linde, Jeroen M Jansen, Rosalie CH Mallant-Hent, Ronald Breumelhof, Han Geldof, James CH Hardwick, Pascal G Doornebosch, Annekatrien CTM Depla, Miranda F Ernst, Ivo P van Munster, Ignace HJT de Hingh, Erik J Schoon, Willem A Bemelman, Paul Fockens and Evelien Dekker
Topics: Study Protocol
Publisher: BioMed Central
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