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EAACI position paper on occupational rhinitis

By Gianna Moscato, Olivier Vandenplas, Roy Gerth Van Wijk, Jean-Luc Malo, Luca Perfetti, Santiago Quirce, Jolanta Walusiak, Roberto Castano, Gianni Pala, Denyse Gautrin, Hans De Groot, Ilenia Folletti, Mona Rita Yacoub and Andrea Siracusa


The present document is the result of a consensus reached by a panel of experts from European and non-European countries on Occupational Rhinitis (OR), a disease of emerging relevance which has received little attention in comparison to occupational asthma. The document covers the main items of OR including epidemiology, diagnosis, management, socio-economic impact, preventive strategies and medicolegal issues. An operational definition and classification of OR tailored on that of occupational asthma, as well as a diagnostic algorithm based on steps allowing for different levels of diagnostic evidence are proposed. The needs for future research are pointed out. Key messages are issued for each item

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