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Calcium-dependence of hydrogen peroxide-induced c-fos expression and growth stimulation of multicellular prostate tumor spheroids

By Heinrich Sauer, Heike Diedershagen, Jürgen Hescheler and Maria Wartenberg


AbstractHydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in nanomolar concentrations (20–100 nM) stimulated the growth of small (diameter 100±30 μm) multicellular prostate cancer spheroids and increased c-fos expression. H2O2 transiently raised [Ca2+]i by Ca2+ release from intracellular stores as the transient persisted in low (10 nM) Ca2+ solution but was abolished when intracellular Ca2+ stores were depleted by thapsigargin or chelation of [Ca2+]i with BAPTA. The H2O2-induced [Ca2+]i transient was furthermore inhibited by the P2-purinoreceptor antagonists suramin and basilen blue, indicating that H2O2 may act via purinergic receptor stimulation. Treatment of spheroids with either suramin, basilen blue or BAPTA inhibited the H2O2-induced growth stimulation and c-fos expression, indicating that the H2O2-mediated growth stimulation of multicellular spheroids is mediated via a Ca2+-dependent pathway

Publisher: Federation of European Biochemical Societies. Published by Elsevier B.V.
Year: 1997
DOI identifier: 10.1016/S0014-5793(97)01456-7
OAI identifier:

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