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Geographical distribution and density of Ixodes dammini (Acari: Ixodidae) and relationship to Lyme disease transmission in New Jersey.

By T. L. Schulze, G. S. Bowen, M. F. Lakat, W. E. Parkin and J. K. Shisler


As part of continuing studies of Lyme disease, deer were surveyed during three hunting seasons in 1981 to obtain information on geographic distribution and density of I. dammini in New Jersey. I. dammini occurred throughout central and southern New Jersey. Four deer management zones (DMZs) were shown to have high tick densities. Geographical distribution and density data were independently regressed against 25 environmental and physical factors. Elevation was shown to be the most important factor in explaining the variability in both I. dammini distribution and density. Lyme disease cases were closely associated with the distribution of I. dammini and 57.3 percent of 117 Lyme disease cases occurred in the four DMZs previously identified as having the highest tick density

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Publisher: Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine
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