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Groupoid normalizers of tensor products

By J. Fang, R. Smith, S.A. White and A.D. Wiggins


We consider an inclusion B [subset of or equal to] M of finite von Neumann algebras satisfying B′∩M [subset of or equal to] B. A partial isometry vset membership, variantM is called a groupoid normalizer if vBv*,v*Bv[subset of or equal to] B. Given two such inclusions B<sub>i</sub> [subset of or equal to] M<sub>i</sub>, i=1,2, we find approximations to the groupoid normalizers of [formula] in [formula], from which we deduce that the von Neumann algebra generated by the groupoid normalizers of the tensor product is equal to the tensor product of the von Neumann algebras generated by the groupoid normalizers. Examples are given to show that this can fail without the hypothesis [formula], i=1,2. We also prove a parallel result where the groupoid normalizers are replaced by the intertwiners, those partial isometries vset membership, variantM satisfying vBv*[subset of or equal to] B and v*v,vv*[set membership, variant] B

Topics: QA
Publisher: Elsevier
Year: 2010
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Provided by: Enlighten

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