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A Lipoprotein Lipase–Promoting Agent, NO-1886, Improves Glucose and Lipid Metabolism in High Fat, High Sucrose–Fed New Zealand White Rabbits

By Weidong Yin, Zhonghua Yuan, Kazuhiko Tsutsumi, Yuxiang Xie, Qiuju Zhang, Zongbao Wang, Guoxiang fu, Guang Long and Yongzong Yang


The synthetic compound NO-1886 is a lipoprotein lipase activator that lowers plasma triglycerides and elevates high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C). Recently, the authors found that NO-1886 also had an action of reducing plasma glucose in high-fat/high-sucrose diet–induced diabetic rabbits. In the current study, we investigated the effects of NO-1886 on insulin resistance and β-cell function in rabbits. Our results showed that high-fat/high-sucrose feeding increased plasma triglyceride, free fatty acid (FFA), and glucose levels and decreased HDL-C level. This diet also induced insulin resistance and impairment of acute insulin response to glucose loading. Supplementing 1% NO-1886 into the high-fat/high-sucrose diet resulted in decreased plasma triglyceride, FFA, and glucose levels and increased HDL-C level. The authors also found a clear increased glucose clearance and a protected acute insulin response to intravenous glucose loading by NO-1886 supplementation. These data suggest that NO-1886 suppresses the elevation of blood glucose in rabbits induced by feeding a high-fat/high-sucrose diet, probably through controlling lipid metabolism and improving insulin resistance

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