Computational identification of composite regulatory sites in 16s-rRNA gene promoters of Mycobacterium species


The availability of completely sequenced genomes allow the use of computational techniques to investigate cis-acting sequences controlling transcription regulation associated with groups of functionally related genes. Theoretical analysis was performed to assign functions to regulatory systems. The identification of such sites is relevant for locating a promoter at the 5′ boundary of a gene. They also allow the prediction of specific gene-expression pattern and response to disturbances in a known signaling pathway. Here, we describe the identification of composite transcription factor (TF) binding sites over promoter regions in16s-rRNA gene for mycobacterium species strains ICC47, ICC67, ICC43 and CMVL700. It is established that the ribosomal gene comprises of sequences that are conserved during evolution and interspersed with divergent regions. Computational identification of known TF-binding sites was performed using TFSITESCAN tool and ooTFD database. The ICC67, ICC47, ICC43 and CMYL700 strains showed 12, 13, 9 and 15 known TF binding sites, respectively. Comparison between strains suggests 9 known TF predicted binding sites to be conserved among them. These data provide basis for the understanding of promoter regulation in 16s-rRNA

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