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Involvement of GTA protein NC2β in Neuroblastoma pathogenesis suggests that it physiologically participates in the regulation of cell proliferation

By Cinzia Di Pietro, Marco Ragusa, Davide Barbagallo, Laura R Duro, Maria R Guglielmino, Alessandra Majorana, Veronica Giunta, Antonella Rapisarda, Elisa Tricarichi, Marco Miceli, Rosario Angelica, Agata Grillo, Barbara Banelli, Isabella Defferari, Stefano Forte, Alessandro Laganà, Camillo Bosco, Rosalba Giugno, Alfredo Pulvirenti, Alfredo Ferro, Karl H Grzeschik, Andrea Di Cataldo, Gian P Tonini, Massimo Romani and Michele Purrello
Topics: Research
Publisher: BioMed Central
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