With or without the group: Swedish midwives' and child healthcare nurses' experiences in leading parent education groups


The aim of the study was to describe and to understand midwives’ and child health care nurses’ experiences of working with parent education groups through their descriptions of the role and what they find rewarding and challenging in that work. Data were collected through three open-ended questions from a web survey: “How do you refer to your role when working in parent education?” “What is the biggest challenge or difficulty for you when working in parent education?” and “What is most rewarding when working in parent education?” The answers were analysed by using qualitative content analysis and correlation analysis. The results show that the midwives and child health care nurses either included or excluded the group when describing their role as leaders and their influence on parents. The same applies to what they found rewarding and what was difficult and challenging for them in working with the groups. Primarily, the leaders who excluded the group expressed a lack of competence on a professional level in managing groups and using the right teaching methods to process the knowledge content. One important question to deal with is how to best support midwives and nurses in child health care to be prepared for working with parent education groups. One obvious thing is to provide specialized training in an educational sense. An important aspect could also be providing supervision, individually or in groups.Funding agencies: Swedish Research Council [721-2012-5473]</p

  • computer science
  • text mining

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