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Soundscapes : an urban planning process map

By MD Adams, WJ Davies and NS Bruce


The concept of soundscapes is an established theme in acoustics research, most notably in the \ud areas of environmental noise, noise control and psychoacoustics. However, many disciplines \ud outside of traditional acoustics have recently worked together to confront epistemological \ud assumptions regarding the place of soundscapes in an urban planning context and to develop an \ud interdisciplinary understanding of soundscapes in that realm. Through this interdisciplinary work \ud The Positive Soundscapes Project has identified a means whereby the concept of soundscapes \ud might effectively be incorporated into planning. By identifying the various locations in the \ud planning process in the UK at which the concept of soundscapes might be incorporated a Process \ud Map is developed that will help planners and other urban planning decision makers utilise the \ud tools and methods of soundscape assessment, evaluation and simulation created within the \ud Positive Soundscape Project. This paper identifies where consideration of soundscapes can be \ud considered within the current UK planning process, the way in which soundscape tools may be \ud utilized to influence planning decisions, and how this can enhance the development of positive \ud urban soundscapes

Topics: G1, H1, QC221246, other
Publisher: INCE
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