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Aerodynamic analysis of transonic manoeuvre devices using an unstructured-grid, Navier-Stokes flow solver

By LJ Johnston and Science & Engineering School of Computing


The viscous, transonic flow development around the SKF 1.1 supercritical aerofoil section, in clean configuration and equipped with either a trailing-edge flap or a leading-edge slat, is computed using an unstructured-grid based flow solver for the Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes equations. A full differential Reynolds-stress turbulence model is employed in the computations to model the Reynolds stresses appearing in the mean-flow equations. The wall-function approach is adopted to bridge the molecular-viscosity dominated region immediately adjacent to solid boundaries. Predicted surface pressure distributions are compared with experimental data, for a free-stream Mach number of 0.6 and a range of incidence angles, and generally show a satisfactory level of agreement. There are some discrepancies in the region of the upper surface shock wave/boundary layer interactions that are probably partially due to uncertainties in the wind-tunnel wall interference corrections to be applied to the experimental data. However, the influence of the near-wall treatment in the computations also requires further investigation

Topics: TL, other
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