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Anti-inflammatory effect of glucose—mannose binding lectins isolated from Brazilian beans

By A. M. S. Assreuy, M. D. Shibuya, G. J. Martins, M. L. P. De Souza, B. S. Cavada, R. A. Moreira, J. T. A. Oliveira, R. A. Ribeiro and C. A. Flores


Selectins are essential for leukocyte recruitment in inflammation. Because of a lectin domain present in the selectin structure, we investigated the anti-inflammtory activity of six mannose–glucose binding lectins from brazilian beans: Dioclea guianensis-DguiL; D. grandiflora-DgL; Cratylia floribunda-CfL; D. violacea-D.vL; D. virgata-DvirL and Canavalia brasiliensis-ConBr. The lectins were injected intravenously (i.v.) into rats (0.1 and 1.0 mg/kg; 30 min before irritants) and its activities compared to E. coli endotoxin (LPS,30 μg/kg i.v.). Three lectins (DvL, CfL and DguiL), although less intense than LPS, inhibited the neutrophil migration induced by carrageenan (Cg, 300 μg) in a dose-dependent manner (0.1 and 1.0 mg/kg). DvL activity was reversed by 0.1 M α-D-methyl-mannoside (α-CH3), but not by 0.1 M α-D-galactose. The fMLP (44 ng)-induced neutrophil migration was also reduced by these lectins. Endotoxin contamination of lectin samples could be excluded since α-CH3 treatment reversed the DvL effect, but did not modify LPS inhibitory activity. Carrageenan (300 μg)-induced paw oedema was also reduced by LPS or lectin treatments. Conversely, none of the tested lectins inhibited dextran (Dex, 300 μg)-induced paw oedema, a classical leukocyte independent model, or zymosan (Zy, 1.0 mg)-induced peritonitis and paw oedema. LPS showed no effect upon Dex-induced paw oedema and barely reduced (25%) the oedematogenic effects of zymosan. As proposed for LPS, the lectin inhibitory activity was better observed on neutrophil-mediated inflammatory reactions. We speculate that the plant lectin antiinflammatory activity is probably due to a competitive blockage of a common leukocyte and/or endothelial selectin carbohydrate ligand

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