23 pages, 9 captioned figures, 6 tables, authors from page 18, submitted to EPJC, figures at http://aliceinfo.cern.ch/ArtSubmission/node/3353 ; see paper for full list of authorsInternational audienceThe transverse momentum distributions of the strange and double-strange hyperon resonances (Σ(1385)±\Sigma(1385)^{\pm}, Ξ(1530)0\Xi(1530)^{0}) produced in p-Pb collisions at sNN=5.02\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}}=5.02 TeV were measured in the rapidity range 0.5<yCMS<0-0.5< y_{\rm{CMS}}<0 for event classes corresponding to different charged-particle multiplicity densities, dNch/dηlab\langle{\rm d}N_{\rm{ch}}/{\rm d}\eta_{\rm{lab}}\rangle. The mean transverse momentum values are presented as a function of dNch/dηlab\langle{\rm d}N_{\rm{ch}}/{\rm d}\eta_{\rm{lab}}\rangle, as well as a function of the particle masses and compared with previous results on hyperon production. The integrated yield ratios of excited to ground-state hyperons are constant as a function of dNch/dηlab\langle{\rm d}N_{\rm{ch}}/{\rm d}\eta_{\rm{lab}}\rangle. The equivalent ratios to pions exhibit an increase with dNch/dηlab\langle{\rm d}N_{\rm{ch}}/{\rm d}\eta_{\rm{lab}}\rangle, depending on their strangeness content

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