A Model for (d, p) or (p, d) Reactions


A model for deuteron stnpping or pick up reaction is proposed which treats the contn-butions of deuteron break up in a straightforward way. The model has been applied for (p, d) reaction on 208Pb and 40Ca for 22 MeV and 30.5::\1e V incident proton energy, respectively and (d, p) reactwn on "Fe for 23 MeV incident deuteron energy. VVe find that the adiabatic potential of Johnson et al. and chmce of the energy for relative motion of the neutron and the proton of the 'broken deuteron', the same as that in its bound state are poor approximations in our theory. The radial integrals w1th the wavefunctions of the elastically scattered deuteron and the corresponding ones with the 'broken deuteron ' are opposite in sign for low partial waves leading to a new p1cture of reaction mechanism

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