ANALISIS INVESTASI PENGEMBANGAN BISNIS IKAN HIAS AIR TAWAR UNTUK PASAR EKSPOR Studi Kasus : Rencana Pengembangan Bisnis Ikan Hias Air Tawar pada CV. Exotic Aquarium


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the feasibility of investing in fresh-water ornamental fish planned by CV. Exotic Aquarium, Jakarta. The study includes the evaluation of the demand in exporting market and importing countries, technical and technological capability in fulfill the demand and the sources of capital in hiding the investment. SWOT analysis to ascertain the prospect of business and investment criteria : Payback Period, Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, Return on Equity and Return on Investment to evaluate the financial feasibility are applied in this study. In addition, the sensitivity of projected cash flows by the decreasing in selling price or increasing in operating cost and their impact in acceptance criteria are also discussed. The result showed that investing in fresh-water ornamental fish planned by CV. Exotic Aquarium is a promising project. This is proved by the fact that the export demand is still available in large number in each importing countries, technically and technologically CV. Exotic Aquarium is capable of fulfill the additional demand and financially, the proposed project will be a profitable one. In term of sensitivity, the projected cash flows will not severely influence by the decreasing in selling price or the increasing in operating cost, unless the selling price decrease more 50 % or if the increase in operating cost will be more than 140 % as compare to the projected figures. Such changes that proved never been happened before. Based on the result of the study, it is recommended that the management of CV. Exotic Aquarium choose the investment of 5-hectare instead of 3,5-hectare; continuously conducting market evaluation, evaluating production capability to maintain product quality, updating both operating and financial data and applying appropriate business and financial strategy in order to maintain its competitive advantages

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