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2015Latar Belakang: Tingkat kesehatan rongga mulut sangat\ud dipengaruhiolehtingkatkolonibakteridalam saliva. Salah satu penyakit dalam rongga\ud mulut yang dapat terjadi akibat dari perkembangan bakteri adalah karies gigi.Salah\ud satu tindakan pencegahan karies adalah dengan aplikasi pit dan fissure sealant.\ud Bahan yang efektif sebagai pit dan fissure sealant adalah Bis-GMA. Tujuan\ud penelitian ini adalah untukmengetahuiperbedaanjumlahkolonibakterisebelumdan\ud setelah aplikasi pit dan fissure sealant.Bahan dan Metode:Jenis penelitian adalah\ud Eksperimen Semu \ud Kata Kunci:JumlahKoloniBakteri Saliva, AplikasiPit dan Fissure Sealant\ud Background:The level of oral health is strongly influenced by the level of bacterial\ud colonies in saliva. One of the diseases in the oral cavity that can occur as a result of\ud bacterial growth is dental caries. One of the precautions to prevent caries is by using\ud the application of pit and fissure sealant. The effective material as a pit and fissure\ud sealant is Bis-GMA. The purpose of this study was to determine differences in the\ud number of salivary bacterial colonies before and after application of pit and fissure\ud sealant.Materials and Methods: The research was a quasi experimental study. The\ud study design used is Pre and Post Test with Control Group Design using the research\ud subject pediatric patients age 6-12 years old in one of the dental clinic in Makassar\ud and the subject meet the criteria.The process of saliva gathering is done before and\ud after the application of pit and fissure sealant from 15 pediatric patients which was\ud bred to 30 salivary bacterial colonies in the Laboratory of Microbiology, Faculty of\ud Medicine, Hasanuddin University. Salivary bacterial colonies that have been bred\ud consisted of 15 salivary bacterial colonies before treatment and 15 salivary bacterial\ud colonies after treatment. Calculation of the number of salivary bacterial colonies is\ud done by using the CFU / ml counting method. Statistical analysis was performed\ud using the Wilcoxon signed-rank test in SPSS. Results: The results of Wilcoxon\ud signed-rank test to see the difference in the number of salivary bacterial colonies\ud before and after application of pit and fissure sealant obtained a significant result \ud Keywords: Number of Bacterial Colonies in Saliva, Pit and Fissure Sealant\ud Applicatio

Topics: :JumlahKoloniBakteri Saliva, AplikasiPit dan Fissure Sealant
Year: 2015
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