Studi kinerja campuran AC_WC menggunakan BGA Asbuton sebagai bahan pengikat


STUDY THE PERFORMANCE OF AC-WC MIXTURE USING BGA ASBUTON AS A BINDER\ud H. N. Ali , A. Liputo , M. P. Layuk \ud ABSTRACT\ud Indonesia is rich in natural resources. Buton Island (Sulawesi Tenggara) has a natural asphalt known as Asbuton which is an area of natural bitumen deposits is about 650 million tons by the distribution of the deposit is located between the bay and the bay Lawele Sampolawa (Department of Public Works was released in 2007). Asphalt is a mixture of bitumen with other minerals in the form of rocks .. Given this reality, the researchers tried to add the BGA Asbuton as a binder in the mix AC-WC. This study aimed to analyze the effect of additional BGA Asbuton the level of strength and durability Crescent mixture (AC-WC) with the Marshall method. The result of good preparation and testing of aggregate materials, petroleum asphalt pen 60/70 and BGA Asbuton and determination of gradation mix AC-WC shows the results as per the requirement. Further testing to determine the optimum bitumen content (OBC) without adding BGA Asbuton using Marshall method. Further testing was conducted to determine the characteristics of Marshall with additional BGA Asbuton. Phase I testing to obtain optimum bitumen content of 5.75%. From the results of testing the value of increased stability of bitumen content of 4% to 5.5% and decreased stability after the addition of asphalt content to 6%, the value of flow, VMA, VFB, MQ increasing with the addition of bitumen content while VIM value decreases with the addition of bitumen content. Phase II testing of BGA Asbuton by adding 3%, 4% and 5%. by Marshall test, by adding BGA Asbuton 3%, 4% and 5% into the mixture resulted in decreased stability compared with the absence of additional Asbuton BGA. Although the stability decreases due to the addition of BGA Asbuton but still meet the specifications defined Highways

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This paper was published in Hasanuddin University Repository.

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