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Response of tumour-related and normal lymphocytes to antigens on fibroblasts from embryos of varying age.

By R. M. Gorczynski


The in vitro cytotoxic immune response of spleen lymphocytes from primiparous and tumour-related mice to embryonic cells from embryos of varying age and tumour cells has been investigated. The results indicate that lymphocytes from both primiparous and tumour-related (i.e., tumour-bearing or tumour-excised) animals give a response which is greater than that from cells from control mice ("virgin cells"). Moreover, in this putative anamnestic response the immune cells detect antigenic differences in the cell populations of embryos of varying age, which are not as readily demonstrable when cytotoxicity is derived from virgin cells. As a further indication of the in vivo priming to embryo-assoicated antigens, the data show that the precursors of cytotoxic cells apparently undergo a blastogenic response in the presence of embryo antigen, and revert to small quiescent cells when antigen is removed, in a way entirely analogous to that described for reactivity of mixed leucocyte cultures to antigens of the major histocompatibility complex. Finally, it seems that in animals immediately after removal of embryonic antigen (and to a lesser degree in virgin or late-embryo-immune mice) there exists a suppressor cell population which inhibits an anti-embryo cytotoxic response far more than an antiallograft response

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