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Sharks, Rays and a Chimaeroid from the Kimmeridgian (Late Jurassic) of Ringstead, Southern England

By Charlie J. Underwood


Sampling of a lenticular concentration of vertebrate debris and associated sediments from the lower Kimmeridgian of southern England has allowed the study of a diverse and abundant assemblage of chondrichthyan remains. A number of previously undescribed species are recorded, of which three new species are named; Squatina? frequens, Synechodus plicatus and Protospinax planus. Additional diagnosis of the genus Paracestracion Koken is given to allow its identification from dental remains. Several nominal batoid species are synonymised with Spathobatis bugesiacus Thiolliere. This assemblage is considered to be typical of Middle–Late Jurassic neritic environments, and is compared to other contemporaneous selachian faunas

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Publisher: Blackwell
Year: 2002
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