Synthesis and characterization of TiO2 powders by the double-nozzle electrospray pyrolysis method. Part 2. Material evaluation


Here we report the synthesis and characterization of anatase TiO2 powders by the double-nozzle electrospray pyrolysis method. Titanium(IV) bis(ammonium lactato) dihydroxide (TALH) aqueous solution (2.0 wt%) and pure H2O were separately injected into capillaries by using two syringe pumps, and were electrosprayed by using positive (+4 kV) and negative (−4 kV) DC voltage, respectively. Under a stream of dry clean air, the droplets were carried to the stainless steel tube heated with a tubular furnace at 350–450 °C. Thanks to the neutralization of droplets by the double-nozzle electrospray, the final TiO2 powder yield after pyrolysis was much improved from 6% (by single nozzle) to 55.4% (in this study), although the particle size distribution became wider due to the electrical neutralization and coalescence of the droplets. Photocatalytic activity for H2 evolution was studied

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This paper was published in Tsukuba Repository.

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