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The UK risk assessment scheme for all non-native species

By R.H.A. Baker, R. Black, G.H. Copp, K.A. Haysom, P.E. Hulme, M.B. Thomas, A. Brown, M. Brown, R.J.C. Cannon, J. Ellis, M. Ellis, R. Ferris, P. Glaves, Rodolphe Elie Gozlan, J. Holt, L. Howe, J.D. Knight, A. MacLeod, N.P. Moore, John D. Mumford, S.T. Murphy, D. Parrott, C.E. Sansford, G.C. Smith, S. St-Hilaire and N.L. Ward


1. A pest risk assessment scheme, adapted from the EPPO (European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organisation) scheme, was developed to assess the risks posed to UK species, habitats and ecosystems by non-native taxa.\ud 2. The scheme provides a structured framework for evaluating the potential for non-native organisms, whether intentional or unintentional introductions, to enter, establish, spread and cause significant impacts in all or part of the UK. Specialist modules permit the relative importance of entry pathways, the vulnerability of receptors and the consequences of policies to be assessed and appropriate risk management options to be selected. Spreadsheets for summarising the level of risk and uncertainty, invasive attributes and economic impact were created. In addition, new methods for quantifying economic impact and summarising risk and uncertainty were explored.\ud 3. Although designed for the UK, the scheme can readily be applied elsewhere.\u

Topics: ges, bb
Publisher: NEOBIOTA
Year: 2008
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