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The synthesis of an analogue of the locust CRF-like diuretic peptide, and the biological activities of this and some C-terminal fragments.

By Graham J. Goldsworthy, J.S. Chung, M.S.J. Simmonds, M. Tatari, S. Varouni and C.P. Poulos


The synthesis is described of an analogue of the locust CRF-like diuretic peptide in which methionine in positions 1,3, and 13 is replaced by isosteric methyl-homoserine residues. This analogue has been tested for biological activity on Malpighian tubules in vitro, and feeding behavior in vivo. It is highly active in stimulating fluid secretion and accumulation of cAMP in tubules, and on increasing the latency to feed and reducing meal duration. A 15 residue fragment from the C-terminus of the CRF-like peptide, Locmi-DP32–46, is fully active in the feeding assay, but has only weak ability to stimulate the accumulation of cAMP in tubules. Two smaller fragments, Locmi-DP32–37 and Locmi-DP41–46, were tested but neither had consistent biological activity in any of the assays used here. None of the peptides tested have any substantive activity in increasing cGMP in tubules

Topics: bcs
Publisher: Elsevier
Year: 2003
OAI identifier: oai:eprints.bbk.ac.uk.oai2:245

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