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Stereotypes in Search Engine Results: Understanding The Role of Local and Global Factors

By Gabriel Magno, Camila Souza Araújo, Wagner Meira Jr. and Virgilio Almeida


The internet has been blurring the lines between local and global cultures, affecting in different ways the perception of people about themselves and others. In the global context of the internet, search engine platforms are a key mediator between individuals and information. In this paper, we examine the local and global impact of the internet on the formation of female physical attractiveness stereotypes in search engine results. By investigating datasets of images collected from two major search engines in 42 countries, we identify a significant fraction of replicated images. We find that common images are clustered around countries with the same language. We also show that existence of common images among countries is practically eliminated when the queries are limited to local sites. In summary, we show evidence that results from search engines are biased towards the language used to query the system, which leads to certain attractiveness stereotypes that are often quite different from the majority of the female population of the country

Topics: Computer Science - Computers and Society
Year: 2016
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