The Ambassador: 1960


We are so busy tailoring ourselves to our jobs and perfecting our various roles in life that we often ignore ourselves. Knowing who we are takes courage, but it is the only way to live. From time to time the ultimate questions Who am l? , “Where did l come from? Why am I here? , “Where am I going? , intrude themselves and demand an answer. They are disturbing and uncomfortable questions. We can and often do hide from them by a chaotic program of activity. We can turn on the radio or watch TV rather than submit to a silence which brings with it these inevitable and tormenting questions. Sooner or later we must face up to them. When we have answered them to our complete satisfaction, then and only then we may say we begin to be - not merely exist. Each of us will discover that the soul demands to be unfettered by time and unconfined by space. We are made for eternal things. Let us be courageous and face the problem of being ourselves before trying to be anything else.

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