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Research on the production process of Tane Scissors using traditional smithery technique

By 中村 滝雄, 横田 勝 and ペルトネン 純子


Production of Tane Scissors was started by some of swordsmiths and gunsmiths in Tanegashima, KagoshimaPrefecture, and it is still carried out in five workshops. Among them, Yoshifumi and Hirohumi Makise, 37thsuccessors of the manufacturing technique of swordsmiths and gunsmiths, dedicate themselves to handing down thetraditional technique of the Tane Scissors production. The whole process of the scissors making are done by hand. Inthis research, the manufacturing process of Tane scissors, which are made with outstanding skills of the two Makises,were investigated from the technical standpoint of metal craft techniques and metal materials. Also, features of Tanescissors were compared to those of scissors made in other production areas with traditional techniques to elicit theunique features of Tane scissors.種子鋏は、鹿児島県・種子島において一部の刀鍛冶や鉄砲鍛冶が製作し始め、現在5軒の工房で製作されている。刀鍛冶や鉄砲鍛冶の製造技術を継ぐ37代目牧瀬義文・博文氏は、その中でも全ての工程において手づくりによる種子鋏製作で伝統技術を保持し続けている。 本稿は、金工技術と金属材料工学の専門的な視点から、牧瀬両氏の優れた技能による種子鋏の製作工程を詳細に調査した結果を記録すると同時に、他産地の伝統的技法により製造された鋏と比較検討することによって、種子鋏の特徴を考察した

Topics: tane scissors, traditional smithery technique, production process, weight saving, curvature of blade, clearance of facing-up planes, resistance of facing-up, ZK1
Publisher: 富山大学芸術文化学部
Year: 2006
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