Especiación en las Sierras Pampeanas de Córdoba y San Luis (Argentina), con descripción de siete nuevas subespecies de aves


There are twelve different orografic systems in Argentina. Eight of them belong to the Andean Cordillera and the others are sparced in Pampean plains and Patagonia. The Sierras Pampeanas is the most important extra-andean system. Nevertheless, from biogeographic considerations, this approach is irrelevant, as the diverse life zones are determined by altitude, latitude and slope exposure. The altitude lines of 500 m and 1.000 m show an incipient isolation of the Sierras de Córdoba y San Luis while the altitude line of 1.500 m above the timberline in these sierras borders and andean environment is completely isolated. There are various endemic plant species and endemic species and subspecies of vertebrates, and another seven new subspecies of birds are described here

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