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By 洪振偉


[[abstract]]工作流程是由一組的任務或是活動、參與的人員、資源以及軟體工具所組成,工作 流程的內容主要描述了如何自動化完成一個流程以及協調此流程中所參與的各項組成 之間的互動。傳統的工作流程系統使用集中式工作流程引擎來控制者個流程的執行,因 此各項活動以及執行路徑在設計階段時就由軟體工程師撰寫於程式碼中,所以工作流程 很難在執行階段時,依據執行環境的變化去動態調適工作流程。然而在分散式計算環境 下,工作流程中的活動可能執行於某個遠端的機構中,當遠端機構的環境有所變化時, 可能造成工作流程的執行錯誤。 以軟體代理人為基礎之工作流程系統已經被一些研究文獻認為能夠優於傳統的工 作流程系統,使用自主性的軟體代理人能夠讓工作流程在執行階段時較有調適性。本計 畫的目的在於提出一個以述句語言(scripting language)來輔助代理人為基礎之工作流程 系統,程式設計師以scripting language 來撰寫task agent 的工作配置,如此可以視為一 個工作流程的規格乃是task agent 的工作內容,並且讓task agent 可以在執行階段時依據 工作內容去執行工作流程。此外,scripting language 也支援代理人合作機制以及調適性, 並且依據scripting language,本計畫未來將實作一個多代理人的工作流程執行環境,並 且實作一個IC 設計流程輔助系統 (IC design cycle assistant system,ICDCAS),以驗證本 計畫的可用性。 A workflow is a composite process that consists of tasks, activities, involving human, resources and software tools. It is used to provide the automation and coordination of a process. Traditional process management uses a centralized workflow engine to control entire processes. The activities and execution paths are determined at design time. The workflow engine executes the straightforward tasks defined in the process specification. It does not have the ability to modify the workflow dynamically. However, in distributed environment, activities may be owned and administrated by individual agencies. The activities and environment may change over time. The execution of a process has uncertainty and failure risk. Agent-based workflow systems are considered to have more benefits than traditional ones. Using autonomous agents is able to provide more flexible workflow to determine the execution at run-time. In this proposal, a scripting approach is proposed to assist an agent-based workflow system. In order to allow task allocation in execution time and rapid composition of workflow agents, the internal workflows of agents are represented by using scripting language instead of system programming language. In the design of script syntaxes, task allocation, agent cooperation and dynamic adaptation are considered to support autonomy and cooperation in the agent systems. For workflow execution, a multi-agent architecture is also proposed based on JADE platform. Finally, to demonstrate the feasibility, an IC Design Cycle Assistant System (ICDCAS) will be implemented based on the proposed approach to assist IC designers in handling design cycle

Topics: 工作流程, 代理人為基礎之工作流程管理系統, 述句語言, IC 設計流程, workflow, agent-based workflow management system, scripting approach, IC
Year: 2010
OAI identifier: oai:localhost:310904400/9583
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