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Sustaining Low Inflation in Ukraine

By Volodymyr Hryvniv, Malgorzata Jakubiak, Mykyta Mykhaylychenko, Oksana Novoseletska, Wojciech Paczynski and Przemyslaw Wozniak


This publication presents the collection of papers written in 2004 within the project that aimed to broaden the knowledge about sources of inflation in Ukraine and indicate policies that can support low inflation in the future. While working on analyses of monetary policies and inflation, the authors used the experience of other transitional countries, Polish in particular. The project team1 hopes that the research gathered in this volume will contribute to the understanding of the sources of inflation in Ukraine and to the influence of monetary policy instruments on other variables. And that the results presented here can be of practical use for the National Bank of Ukraine.Ukraine, transition, monetary policy, inflation, core inflation, financial market, monetary transmission

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