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Fisheries policies impacts consideration towards the development of rural coastal areas

By Efstratios Loizou, Fotis Chatzitheodoridis, Konstadinos Mattas and Konstantinos Polymeros


The current study aims to examine the effectiveness of fisheries policies and specifically of the Greek Operational Programme for Fisheries, 2007-13. In specific, aims to examine and assess possible impacts generated, in the regional economy of Voreio and Notio Aigaio from its four axis, with particularity to the forth one. For this a regional Input-Output model was built in order to capture direct and indirect impacts in terms of output, employment and income. Results indicate that the dynamics of the fisheries sector in the regional economy are very weak and along with the continuous shrinking of the sector, leads to the necessity of supporting alternative vocational activities for the development of coastal rural areas. Though, results indicate that the funds attributed to such policies are very small, resulting in very weak generated impacts in the regional economy. And thus it is not expected current policies to seriously affect the development of such regions through the promotion of alternative to fishing activities.rural coastal areas, operational fisheries programme, impact analysis, regional analysis, Community/Rural/Urban Development, R11, R15, R58, Q22,

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