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The Dynamics and Economic Impact of the Cultural Event “La Notte Bianca Romana”

By Marco Meneguzzo, Gloria Fiorani and Stefano Armenia


This paper analyzes the cultural and artistic event “La Notte Bianca Romana”, which has been designed and realized by the Municipality of Rome. It consists in a territorial marketing tool to promote the “Eternal City” all over the world. This event turned out to be an important incentive to the economic and entrepreneurial development of the city, putting in relationship very important issues like “economic growth”, “quality of life”, “social development”. Our work aims to show that, by correctly implementing the strategies designed by the Municipality of Rome (the strategic coordinator of the event), all the actors in the system may have good chances in successfully developing the potentialities of this cultural event, both in terms of participation and territorial and temporal expansion, with positive social and economic downfalls on the territory.System Dynamics; Cultural Network; Strategic Management; Local Government

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