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Residential Land Values in Urbanizing Areas

By Ioannis K. Kaltsas, Darrell J. Bosch and Anya M. McGuirk


Zoning decisions related to residential lot size and density affect residential land value. Effects of size on residential parcel value in Roanoke County, VA, are estimated with fixed effects hedonic models. Parcel size; elevation; soil permeability; proximity to urban areas, malls, and roads; and location influence parcel value, but the effects vary by value of construction and development status. Parcel value per square meter declines with increasing parcel size. The estimated relationships could be used to evaluate zoning decisions in terms of land values and tax revenues if model estimation uncertainties and responses by developers to zoning strategies are considered.development, fixed effects, hedonic model, property values, residential density, spatial econometrics, Agribusiness, Land Economics/Use, Q24, C25, C52,

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