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Romanian Pattern in Absorption and Management of European Structural Funds - A Critical Analysis -

By Monica SUSANU


The decisions in the cohesion policy have a significant impact upon the offer and supply, in a way that, under the influence of the multipliers, they constantly reconfigure the components of the internal consumption (such as investments, private consumption and imports), and the components of the final output and national income as well. Because of the short-term synergy effects of these actions, which determines the structure and the quality of the potential offer, the substantiation of these decisions ensure more importance and complexity concerning the responsibility of the macroeconomic management. The allotting of cohesion and structural funds is one of the significant directions of implementation of the budgetary policy of redistribution through the European Union budget. As essential instruments in making the expenses for structural adjustment and harmonization operations, these funds are meant to homogenize and consolidate an as high as possible social and economic standard in that particular beneficiary states. Since the greatest part of these funds is directed through the central national budgets, these have to be large enough and the governmental management – sufficiently well structured and responsible, so as to ensure both the necessary cofunding in applying the projects, and the implementation of the wish for prosperity of the fund benefiting community.structural funds, cohesion policy, institutional responsibility, access, absorption

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