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The interest for approaching this paper is determined by the actuality of the theme concerning mergers, and also by the scale proportions this type of transactions have arrived at, both at global level and also at national level, everything having as cornerstone a market economy within which competitiveness plays a more and more important role. The aim of the study consists in analyzing the external restructuring of entities under the form of mergers. On one side, in order to clarify and deepen the theoretical aspects concerning mergers, and on the other side, in order to identify certain features related to merger transactions in Cluj County. The aim of the study is to identify the conditions and manner of merger development within commercial entities from Cluj County and to establish a typology relying on the results concerning the relationship between the entities' shareholding structure, their contribution and the exchange ratio when performing the transactions. The actuality of the theme, the requirement and the increasing manifestation of the merger phenomenon also within the Romanian teritory, the necessity of a thorough analysis of merger trends and typologies, they all have been trigger factors of this objective. In order to achieve the objective a research methodology was followed, assumptions were made, which have been confirmed of infirmed. The methodological sphere consists of an approach of considered quantitative and qualitative models, of techniques for data collection, hypotheses testing, but also of research boundaries. As a result of the processing and analysis of the data on which this study relies, one arrived to the following conclusions concerning mergers that were performed in Cluj County, conclusions which could lead to the elaboration of a typology for the mergers that have occurred in this region: in terms of shareholding structure, the two entities usually had a joint majority shareholder, and regarding the financial aspects, the contributions of both entities are in most of the cases positive, and the contribution of the absorbent entity is greater, and rarely, when the contributions are negative, these contributions usually belong to the absorbed entity. Also, when the shareholding structure is the same, the exchange ratio is usually 1:1.merger, contribution, exchange ratio, positive equity, negative equity

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