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Drivers of Resident Support for Animal Care Oriented Ballot Initiatives

By Glynn T. Tonsor and Christopher A. Wolf


Recent high profile incidents and public debates in the United States have highlighted the increasing interest residents have regarding animal rearing and handling practices. This paper examines resident support for national legislation that mirrors Proposition 2, which in November 2008 passed in California. Results suggest perceptions regarding animal welfare information accuracy of livestock industry and consumer groups are particularly influential determinants of voting behavior and demand. The analysis also suggests residents may not fully appreciate price or tax implications when supporting additional animal welfare legislation. Implications for livestock industry and policy makers are provided along with suggestions for additional research.animal handling and welfare, ballot initiatives, information accuracy, legislation, Proposition 2, voting behavior, willingness to pay, Agribusiness, Agricultural and Food Policy, Farm Management, Livestock Production/Industries, Q18, Q13, Q11,

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