Split supersymmetry, stable gluino, and gluinonium


[[abstract]]In the scenario recently proposed by Arkani-Hamed and Dimopoulos, the supersymmetric scalar particles are all very heavy, at least of the order of 109 GeV but the gauginos, Higgsinos, and one of the neutral Higgs bosons remain under a TeV. The most distinct signature is the metastable gluino. However, the detection of metastable gluino depends crucially on the spectrum of hadrons that it fragments into. Instead, here we propose another unambiguous signature by forming the gluino-gluino bound state, gluinonium, which will then annihilate into tt¯ and bb¯ pairs. We study the sensitivity of such signatures at the LHC[[fileno]]2010134010066[[department]]物理

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