Catalytic asymmetric C-H insertion reactions of α-diazocarbonyl compounds


The purpose of this review is to provide an overview of the development of asymmetric catalysts for C-H insertion reactions over the past two decades, focusing on the application of these catalysts in the decomposition of α-diazocarbonyl compounds. Given the rapid pace of development in the field of enantioselective C-H insertion chemistry, an up-to-date review of this type is warranted. While recent reviews22,23 have dissected their content into intramolecular and intermolecular processes, this article is differentiated in extending this division to include classification of C-H insertion reactions according to product type. Thus, catalytic methods for the asymmetric synthesis of carbocyclic compounds, oxygen-containing heterocycles, nitrogen-containing heterocycles and sulfur-containing heterocycles are readily identifiable. Due to the diversity of compounds resulting from intermolecular C-H insertion processes, classification of reactions by product type was not attempted in this section of the review

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This paper was published in Cork Open Research Archive.

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