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Generic evolutionary design

By Peter J. Bentley and Jonathan P. Wakefield


Generic evolutionary design means the creation of a range of different designs by evolution. This paper introduces generic evolutionary design by a computer, describing a system capable of the evolution of a wide range of solid object designs from scratch, using a genetic algorithm.\ud The paper reviews relevant literature, and outlines a number of advances necessitated by the development of the system, including: a new generic representation of solid objects, a new multiobjective fitness ranking method, and variable-length chromosomes. A library of modular evaluation software is also described, which allows a user to define new design problems quickly and easily by picking combinations of modules to guide the evolution of designs.\ud Finally, the feasibility of generic evolutionary design by a computer is demonstrated by presenting the successful evolution of both conventional and unconventional designs for a range of different solid-object design tasks, e.g. tables, heatsinks, prisms, boat hulls, aerodynamic cars

Topics: T1, QA75, TA
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
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